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Since 1989, The East Bay Coalition for the Homeless has been helping families get back on their feet by providing access to safe, affordable housing combined with case management, financial counseling and connection to mainstream resources.

A seamless array of services may be accessed through our in-house or referral network. Services are individualized and designed to help families achieve and maintain financial stability.

Nationwide, more families with children become homeless each year than any other segment of the population. Our programs are designed to offer a seamless array of services to assist households regain financial stability in the East Bay.

Families come to us during times of crisis and debt. Whether they need safe, affordable housing, or assistance addressing the hazards of lead poisoning, our staff is here to help.

Families need not only shelter, but other basic human needs such as food and clothing, often including diapers and formula. Once these basic needs are met, families work closely with a Family Advocate (case manager) to identify the issues that led them to homelessness and focus on a plan based on financial stability.

The most frequent reasons for homelessness in the East Bay, as in the rest of the nation, are lack of affordable housing, unemployment, medical problems, family break-up and domestic violence.

Ending homelessness is our ultimate goal. But there is a long road ahead.

For over two decades, through the generous support of friends and neighbors, lives have been changed. Children remain full of hope and families have homes.